Tuesday, September 19, 2006


we went to thinkspace the past two friday nights. the first was the opening night for their new "picks of the harvest" show. there is a lot of art. it was crowded. not so crowded that you couldn't see the art, but nearly. the second friday - after the banksy show - was part of an art crawl. it was not crowded. not uncomfortably empty - there were people there. although i prefer empty for viewing art. andrew and shawn create a nice environment for looking at the work.

so, there were more than 100 artists in the show. the lat covered the show and the gallery.

i liked this medium piece. aka nicholas digenova.

he is having a show in ny right now that i would love to see.

i loved this travis millard couple

care to see the left or the right bigger?

alex pardee is great.

as is mike maxwell

he is in a three person show at shooting gallery that i need to check out in person. show runs through 10.05.06.

my set from the show is here. i only photographed a small portion of the show, knowing that thinkspace has all of the work here.

collector's notes

most of the above work was priced under $300. it is a great show. a wide variety of talent. a lot sold. a lot has not yet sold. this show has a lot of good value. like mike maxwell's abe lincoln piece for $250? i do.

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