Thursday, September 28, 2006

art show: haden nicholl at little tree gallery

the second solo show we saw on saturday was haden nicholl's "improvising in the field."
electrocution bucket trap.jpg

"electrocution bucket trap." titles matter in this show. they identify the sum of the parts shown, provide the goal for the active viewer. combine the elements, imagine the trap, work out the details.

the show also includes haden's own instructions.

instructions for electrocution bucket trap.jpg

i do not know much about haden. i liked his work at this year's monster drawing rally. a little research shows he simultaneously has a colaborative piece - live in environment with artist imagining mental hospital - with the most fabulous anna maltz. i haven't been. artbusiness has photos in the long feed here (scroll down).

some - like "incindiary bucket trap" - have many parts to puzzle.
incindiary bucket trap.jpg

others, like the postcard piece, "basic incendiary," are fairly easy to imagine.
basic incendiary.jpg

i like the interactivity - the viewer completes the process. the work also reminds me of cartoon backgrounds, but with cartoon violence. i am not all that fond of violence. i know it happens. i feel it in myself at times. worse when i was the violent age (boys 15-25?). it is one of the things that i enjoy in haden's show. the reference points for imagining. but i would rather not fill my headspace with handy tools for contemplating - metaphorically - murder.

i am conflicted. my favorite is "stress release poison trap":
stress release poison trap.jpg

the corresponding instructions:
instructions for stresss release poison trap.jpg

the work is well priced - two to six hundred or something like that.

view the set?

the show runs through oct. 1 at little tree gallery in sf's mission district. which means the gallery is open on sunday (thurs-sun) and the show closes this sunday.

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