Monday, September 18, 2006

lat on bozic

the lat covered tiffany bozic's solo show at blk/mrkt (previously blogged).

this is great news for tiffany. art generally does not get that much press. as a consequence, the few shows that are covered garner extra attention (while the show is open) and recognition (after the show has closed). this is also a good sign for collectors.

the review highlighted her untitled painting of an owl:
owl redux.jpg

"Superbly rendered in thin, almost translucent acrylic on smooth maple panels, the paintings have the air of Audubon-era nature illustrations but with a surrealist twist. Limbs and vines, bones and branches, roots and veins, flowers, fur and feathers mingle and morph into dense, organic clusters, set against stark, empty landscapes."

"One of the finest examples is an untitled painting, roughly 2 feet square, of a white owl with a bloodied white mouse in its claws, hovering, wings spread, against a snowy white backdrop. A ribbon of feathery red blood vessels issues from the body of the mouse to wrap around the owl's claws; two additional ribbons spill from the owl's eyes, winding around each wing. Despite the shock of blood, it's a curiously peaceful image, pointing to the profound connectedness, even harmony, between predator and prey."

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