Wednesday, July 25, 2007

tree show iii

@ giant robot sf
featuring: apak!, melinda beck, robert bellm, bigfoot, kelie bowman, calef brown, aaron brown, catia chen, richard colman, matthew feyld, matt furie, fawn gehweiler, susie ghahremani, mollie goldstrom, andrew degraff, katherine guillen, ethan hayes-chute, jordan isip, rich jacobs, kelly lynn jones, kaori kasai, misaki kawai, kefe (kelly tunstall + ferris plock), joe keinberger, james kirkpatrick (thesis), diana kwok, matt leines, kathleen lolley, maxwell loren holyoke-hirsch, matt moroz, eric nakamura, ogi, pcp, luke ramsey, albert reyes, nathalie roland, brian rush, jeana sohn, daria tessler, elisabeth timpone, aiyana udesen, marci washington, andrew jeffrey wright
july 14 - august 8, 2007

the show features portraits of trees (by apak!, and others)

body parts hanging from trees (by matt furie, and others)

and a bunch more work (tree-related, and not).

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

sky (2000-2003)

documenting, over the course of four years, the destruction of Rigo23’s sky mural. during that time, it felt like the sky was disappearing. there was a construction boom, of very tall buildings, in san francisco's soma district. still is. one very tall building obscured the sky. another decapitated the mural, and then swallowed it (and sky's sibling, ground). rest in peace.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

streets of san francisco

i was walking from friday night at the de young to clement street for dinner when i came across the above vehicle. i recognized ricardo richey's characteristic form.

the margaret kilgallen sticker on the front. rigo23 showcards on the dashboard. a pine cone. i figured it out before i saw the confirming license plate. i'd found the luggage store's vantruck.

varuck? trucan? sirron norris, whose first name mirrors his last, added two bears. i love the piece he painted with andrew schoultz at the valencia gate to clarion alley. his mural on balmy alley. and this varuc.

Friday, July 13, 2007

paris mural

brendan monroe, koralie, supakitch, and wayne horse have a collaborative mural at carhartt in paris. we checked it out when we were there in april (in addition to perv-paris and the palais de tokyo show).

they did a good job creating a single piece incorporating their different characters and styles. the end result is somewhat like a coat of arms or family crest.

i was particularly psyched to see brendan's characters rendered on a larger scale
and to see the work of the other artists, who are new to me, in person.

this mural was part of a larger european tour, which brendan blogged for fecal face. i have a few more detail shots in my photo set.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

palais de tokyo (april 2007)

we saw michel blazy's solo show at the palais de tokyo, a contemporary art museum in paris, in april.

he sculpts with food. the above piece, a bear rug, is composed of cotton and chocolate cream. the show also included a skelton made of dog biscuits and hot glue.
a piece composed of orange peels, which were decaying and covered with insects

a bird had found its way into the museum and onto the cat biscuit and glue sculpture.

the work and show was fascinating in person.
(soya noodles, and food dye)

the museum also had a number of photos by bernadette genee and alain le borgne of the inside of military caps showing the variety of things the soldiers keep hidden, and dear.

a third exhibit included a "prehistoric" camper van carved out of granite pieces by daniel dewar and gregory gicquel.

these shows closed. all of the artists were new to me and the work was refreshing. in part, i think, it cleansed the visual palette which, in paris, is otherwise oversaturated with classical work.

check out my set or slideshow for a few more from the above exhibit.