Monday, November 30, 2009

available online for free

the amazing Evan Roth issued an open invitation to participate in his sticker project, with the resulting photos displayed on a loop at the elizabeth foundation for the arts one every day show in new york (which runs through dec. 19, 2009)

tonight i emailed my first submission
(kin to my perv: local, organic).

dec. 2, 2009 update
two more submissions (they sent me 3 stickers)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

sf camerawork 2009 auction

the preview exhibition for sf camerawork's 2009 auction is free and runs nov10-dec4 (info).

i donated carney (argentina) [archivally framed]
carney (argentina) 2008

"Highlights include: Berenice Abbott, Richard Barnes, Harry Benson, Ellen Carey, Keith Carter, Judy Dater, Robert Dawson, Larry Fink, Ann Hamilton, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Todd Hido, Pirkle Jones, Michael Kenna, Dinh Q. LĂȘ, Michael Light, David Maisel, Robert Mapplethorpe, Richard Misrach, Catherine Opie, J. John Priola, Herb Ritts, Holly Roberts, Edward Steichen, Alfred Stieglitz, Paul Strand, Larry Sultan, Hank Willis Thomas, Catherine Wagner, William Wegman, Edward Weston, Marion Post Wolcott and many others."

the auction is saturday, dec5th, @ 1pm
($30 or free with sf camerawork membership)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yoon Lee print

Expansion II (small)
"Expansion II" by Yoon Lee (2009)
9"x27" archival pigment print in an edition of 30 (+2ap/+2pp)

this print, my second print (as proper printing), comes archivally framed in two variations --
ed. 1-15: glossy print face-mounted to plexi, mounted on 4ply museum board, with hidden cleate+spacer frame
ed. 16-30: matte print with uv lamination, mounted on aluminum, with hidden cleate+spacer frame
retail (archivally framed, as noted above) is $1200
available from the luggage store sometime soon

you can see a bigger image of Yoon's print here
my first print, with Tiffany Bozic, is discussed here

Monday, July 27, 2009

superfine @ Morgan Lehman

Eric Beltz
Eric Beltz

on my recent trip to NY, we stopped by the superfine exhibit @ Morgan Lehman.
Andrew Schoultz
Andrew Schoultz

the show has great work with super fine details.
Hilary Pecis
Hilary Pecis

Aaron Noble
Aaron Noble

Aya Uekawa
Aya Uekawa
Aya Uekawa detail

Michael Waugh
Michael Waugh's text based illustration uses text from the Election Reform Commission
Michael Waugh detail

Rachel Thorlby
Rachel Thorlby

Joseph Ayers
Joseph Ayers

Iona Rozeal Brown
Iona Rozeal Brown

Tom Molloy
Tom Molloy

Ryan Wallace
Ryan Wallace

the show runs through August 7, 2009 and is much better in person

the gallery also had two additional paintings by Andrew Schoultz ready to show a prospective collector
Andrew Schoultz

if you are in the area, be sure to also stop by the high line

Friday, July 10, 2009

bay area currents 2009

bay area currents 2009 @ proarts/oakland art gallery
featured beautiful felted wool sculptures by Stephanie Metz

Donna Anderson Kam's pastels on paper

Daniel Healey's tape transfers

Adam Friedman's large mixed media piece

my local organic cluster

Elizabeth Pedinotti's portraits

Joan Osato's portraits

Bert Bergen's sculptures

Alex Potts' sound installation with gourd speaker array

Annie Vought's paper cuts

& John Patrick McKenzie's drawings

curated by Kevin Chen

the show ran at the merged pro arts/oakland art gallery from june 23 to july 24th, 2009. my bay area currents 2009 flickr set has photos of more work.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Michael Kimmelman's June 10th review of the 2009 Venice Biennial seemed to calling for Swoon's Swimming Cities of Serinissima, who were en route. In particular, Kimmelman's summary of the work at the heart of the show -- by the Gutai group ("Japanese avant-gardists from the 1950s/1960s"), Lygia Pape (a Brazilian artist "who came to prominence around the same time"), and Gordon Matta-Clark ("the short-lived American iconoclast of the 1970s") -- could have been written about Swoon and her merry band of travelers:

Devising quasi-utopian projects of hippie-ish experimentalism by often fugitive means, they aimed to engage more than an art audience and to spread joy. They saw themselves as liberationists, optimists, fabulists and troublemakers without exactly being ideologues, who shared an almost alchemical knack for transforming scrappy materials and tests of sensual awareness into fine modernist forms.

Kimmelman notes that these artists bring "cool pleasure" to the main exhibition, and knocks the overall show, noting "the Biennale is meant to be a survey of new art, and while conscientious young artists now dutifully seem to raise all the right questions about urbanism, polyglot society and political activism, their answers look domesticated and already familiar. They look like other art-school-trained art, you might say."

Swoon's crew, by contrast, built a flotilla of boats from discarded trash, running on engines converted for biodiesel, to sail from Slovenia (where much of the wood in Venice originally grew) to Venice, with performances along the route (a play, puppets, music).

This fits more with the "quasi-utopian, hippie-ish experimentalism ... aimed to engage more than an audience and to spread joy" than with "art-school-trained art" (check Tod Seelie's blog of the trip if you don't believe me).

more on the project on their blog, flickr, & facebook pages, in NY Magazine, & all over the web.

Friday, June 12, 2009

mail art update

just stopped by sf camerawork's ersatz mail art show and my work made it safely.

(previously discussed here)

Friday, May 15, 2009

mail art

envelope from travis millard
i got travis millard's most excellent new zine tear jerker in the above envelope.

i love the zines of travis & mel. and their envelopes.

in sharing my new zines (1, 2) with them, i printed my first envelope.
envelope for mel & travis

i heart my printer.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

extreme digital masking

ersatz sm.jpg
my submission for sf camerawork's ersatz show, which is seeking "2-D lens-based" mail art work (show runs June 4 to August 22, 2009).

i employed a process i developed and named "extreme digital masking" for this (and other related) work. i think of it as an extreme digital version of the analog masking process whereby part of the negative or positive is covered (masked) during the printing process. spending a lot of time with digital darkroom tools (e.g., photoshop), i push masking to an extreme, masking most of the background image but preserving enough to show the structure, in a way only possible in the digital environment.

stevenson @ seventh st (200604)
(more examples in my san francisco study)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

new website

welcome to the billyverse (my new website, it is a work in progress but in reasonable shape)

Sunday, March 15, 2009


"50/50 on & not on / no & not no
(ode to Tauba Auerbach)," 2009

my donation to the lab's 25th anniversary auction

11.5" x 23" facemounted to plexi.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

blu musings

the new page in blu's sketchbook (&on his blog) is poignant, and sad. i saw it just as i was thinking his gaza strip, a mobius strip of tanks and bulldozers, met that description, he refined it. the print came out nicely.

perv (local, organic)

in part, i am using phallic local organic produce to poke fun, in a humorous, sex-positive, manner, at what may be considered perverted in our society. one element of perv (local, organic) only "works" if the viewer conflates a vegetable with human anatomy. blurring the line between human and plant will, i hope, help to break down our (human) disconnect with the natural world. i was planning on combining this with local organic for my mfa submission but received strong discouragement from some local arts folk who i trust.

Monday, January 05, 2009

local organic

my mfa application portfolio 2009
(click the play button in the picture above & then use arrow keys to go through it)