Wednesday, April 23, 2008

optic illusion

01 (local organic potato).jpg
southern exposure's annual auction/fundraiser

when: this saturday, april 26, 7:30-11
where: somarts, main gallery 934 brannan street (btwn 8th & 9th in soma) (map)
tickets: $30 advance purchase (info here), $40 at the door

my submission, "potato (local, organic sample)" (2006), an original polaroid construction, is the first photo from my polaroid samples series.

"The night features a Live and Silent Art Auction of work from over 165 established and emerging artists," including: G. Cole Allee, Lauren Anderson, Marisa Aragona, Ellen Babcock, Michael Bartalos, Chris Bell, Andrew Benson, Amy Berk, Leo Bersamina, Michelle Blade, Jaren Bonillo, Val Britton, Heather Brubaker, Timothy Buckwalter, Jason Byers, Deric Carner, John Casey, Julie Chang, Ajit Chauhan, Kevin Chen, Youmna Chlala, Ishan Clemenco, Adriane Colburn, Serena Cole, Rand Colosky, Lisa Congdon, Alika Cooper, Christopher Culver, Lauren Davies, Veronica De Jesus, Claire Droney, Chris Duncan, Ala Ebtekar, Amanda Eicher, Kota Ezawa, Tia Factor, Harrell Fletcher, Tara Foley, Rhea Fontaine, Maria Forde, Dustin Fosnot, Emily Alden Foster, David Fought, Amy Franceschini, Benicia Gantner, Linda Geary, Renée Gertler, Maizie Gilbert, Jim Goldberg, Rebecca Goldfarb, Catherine Haley Epstein, Doug Hall, Michael Hall, Oliver Halsman Rosenberg, Nicole Hayden, Stephen Galloway, Tanya Gill, Cliff Hengst, Jonn Herschend, Scott Hewicker, Todd Hido, Elyse Hochstadt, Terry Hoff, Amanda Hughen, Suzanne Husky, Misa Inaoka, David Ireland, Jason Jagel, Packard Jennings, Chris Johanson, Kerri Johnson, Kathyrn Kenworth, Forest Kelley, David King, Ruth Kneass, Noah Lang, Yoon Lee, Katie Lewis, Michael Light, Frederick Loomis, Mark Luthringer, Nathan Lynch, Martin Machado, Michelle Mansour, Laura Mappin, Kara Maria, Vanessa Marsh, Christian Maychack, Christina Mazza, Chris McCaw, Sean McFarland, Dennis McNulty, Cheryl Meeker, Rebecca Miller, Kyle Mock, Mike Monteiro, Julio Morales, Apollonia Morrill, Jeff Morris, Paul Mullins, Kelsey Nicholson, Abner Nolan, Brion Nuda Rosch, billy o'callaghan, Kelly Ording, Kari Orvik, Allison Pebworth, Hilary Pecis, Stephanie Peek, Sasha Petrenko, Josh Pieper, James Pitt, Job Piston, Suzy Poling, Mel Prest, Basil Racuk, Albert Reyes, Lisa Ricci, Rigo 23, Lacey Jane Roberts, Thorina Rose, KC Rosenberg, Michael Rosenthal, Ari Salomon, James Sansing, Andrew Schoultz, Emily Sevier, Leslie Shows, Margaret Silverman, Jennie Smith, Casey Jex Smith, Sarah Smith, Tracy Snelling, Jessica Snow, Chris Sollars, Lisa Solomon, Tabitha Soren, Jennifer Starkweather, Estee Stevens, Michael Swaine, William Swanson, Stephanie Syjuco, Owen Takabayashi, Charlene Tan, Margaret Tedesco, Weston Teruya, The Thing Quarterly, Hank Thomas, Zefrey Throwell, Tracy Timmons, Bruce Tomb, David Tomb, Paul Urich, Andy Vogt, Catherine Wagner, Victoria Wagner, Carrie Mae Weems, Leigh Wells, Gail Wight, Megan Wilson, Jenifer Wofford, Lena Wolff, Sandra Wong, Kelli Yon

check it out! peep some of the art here.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Evah Fan

("witchcraft," 2008; photo nabbed from gallery web site)
@ richard heller gallery in santa monica

Evah's first solo show with the gallery, "Oatmeal Lumpy," opens this saturday and runs through May 17th. If you are in LA, check it out in person (the gallery also has some images up). And, Evah updated her web site with new paintings and a sweet, organic, hanky in the shop.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Marcel Dzama

@ david zwirner in chelsea
march 6 - april 19, 2008

Marcel Dzama's current show in NY includes a new series of drawings

pages from his notebook
("an even greater unevenness")

this sculpture

a series of dioramas (inset into the walls of a dark room, hard to photograph)

i have a few more photos in my slideshow.

this is yet another art show that is best viewed in person. the dioramas were my favorites, and are worth the trip to the gallery.

check it out at 519 west 19th street in chelsea (nyc).
hurry though, the show closes this saturday.

Friday, April 11, 2008

perv image search

perv moderate safe search.jpg
search for perv on google image search (try it) and you get the above results if you have "safesearch" on moderate, or off (at least you do today).

seeing that one of my photos from my "perv (local, organic)" study is the third hit in the google image search for "perv," i now understand the sudden boost in flickr views of this photo. check out the rest of my "perv (local, organic)" series here.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Kim Cogan

@ gallery henoch in chelsea
march 20 - april 12, 2008

for his debut ny solo show, Kim painted warm portraits of new york
which evoke the city without reference to the classic postcard icons

his paintings, devoid of people, present private moments, found late at night, in an otherwise crowded city

i love this stairway

this is yet another art show that is best viewed in person.
check it out at 555 west 25th street in chelsea (nyc).
hurry though, the show closes this saturday.

i have a few more photos in my slideshow and Kim has better photos on his web site.