Sunday, October 29, 2006


i would not have predicted it. but unicorns keep popping up in my world.

last night at a party, one boy (a machinist) was dressed as one.

today, i stopped by grsf, where megan whitmarsh had a series of drawings from a unicorn zine.

later, in clarion alley, i saw this older 8 bit unicorn painting:

then, i saw this newer painting with unicorns:

4 different suppliers of unicorns in under 24 hours. scary.

earlier this year, i saw an andrew schoultz unicorn at giant robot sf's two year show.

seems like i also saw one at the shooting gallery's erotic show, maybe by anne faith nicholls?

i saw a sara thustra-ish poster of a unicorn, by sy, at needles and pens a while back, and learned that sy published those fucking unicorns.

and recently, jeff soto posted a new painting with unicorns.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

dan flanagan at the luggage store

dan flanagan's solo show - crestfallen - is at the luggage store (509 ellis location).

the show includes handmade inscriptions and shields

24 illustrations of different pocketknives

and handmade baseballs

you can read my full post, on fecalface, here.

and, you can check out my full photo set and/or slideshow for the show.

the show is at the luggage store's 509 cultural center.
509 ellis at leavenworth.
their website says it is open sats 12-5.
show runs through nov. 11, 2006.

mars-one, damon soule, and oliver vernon at white walls

fecalface posted my blog on

damon soule

and oliver vernon

at whitewalls. checkit?.

dustin fosnot and ryan boyle at steven wolf

ok. fecalface posted my blog on dustin fosnot

and ryan boyle

at steven wolf fine art. checkit?.

Monday, October 23, 2006

coming up this week

on saturday i went to see a number of good shows. and, i am going to try blogging on fecalface. i will post links.

one show was dustin fosnot and ryan boyle at steven wolf fine art. view my photo set and/or slideshow (the slideshow includes a six frame shark jump)?

another was mars-one, damon soule, and oliver vernon at white walls. view my photo set and/or slideshow?

more later.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

the amber room at luggage store gallery

on saturday i went to see the amber room at the luggage store.

the show included 4 artists.

wang wei (beijing) 's "untitled" piece was amazing.
made of scaffolding

it has the look and feel of a temple

liu ding (beijing) 's "forevermore"

words written with peepholes,
looking out onto market street at 6th

with many vantage points to engage the active viewer

shirley tse (la), "sinks like a submarine,"
polyurethane resin, brass, copper wire, jade, 2006

won ju lim (la), orange extension cord, plexiglass, mirrors, light 2006

it reminded me of an architectural model.

one component was the lighting and shadows. they built a room to house the piece. i didn't photograph it in the chosen lighting, wasn't equipped with a tripod.

i have to love the luggage store. this show was incredibly labor intensive. they had to bring "7000 lbs. or more of scaffolding up [and this week, down] the steps of the luggage store." they built a "temporary" room in the gallery to house one work. and, i appreciate it. it was a good show to see in person.

view the slideshow or the set?

and, i see a lot of artists at the luggage store checking out the exhibits. i got there between 4 and 4:30, the last hour of the exhibit. it's closed now, sorry. i had finished photographing. i was talking to jennifer. it was just the two of us. and then a large group of people showed up. lead by michael arcega. an international group of artists who were on a panel with him or something like that. jean-ulrick desert told me that his apartment costs $200. in berlin. seems like a good tip. nice fellow. and ricardo richey was returning a ladder he borrowed during the day, painting a new mural on turk at market.

great place. they have more info on the show here. their photos show the art more.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

mary joy scott at needles&pens

i went to see mary joy's scott's "stitch in time" at needles&pens on saturday.

the show includes a number of works on handkerchief
(pronunciation: 'ha[ng]-k&r-ch&f, hankerchifs (sp)).

andrew from needles&pens told me that handkerchiefs are used for drawings in prison (or something like that). the show also includes work on paper. and some paintings on the wall.

i am not a fan of skulls, even of the tattoo graphic variety. maybe this also fits with the prison experience.

this piece
reminds me somewhat of tiffany's owl painting from her recent blk/mrkt show. bad time to be a mouse with raptors around.

her attention to detail is impressive

view the photo slideshow or set?

or, go see the show at
3253 16th street (btwn guerrero&dolores in the mission)
"usually open" tues-sun 12pm-7pm
(the show runs through halloween)

open on sunday is nice. thanks needles&pens.

and, as petalum commented on my flickr, "let's hear it for needles and pens!!! always something good in there. breezy and andrew are working pretty hard to keep the mission district's art and culture scene alive, and interesting."

speaking of, they have a nice photo blog with info on the show. and, they have an online store. the pricing - from $100 to $675 - is great. more so for compelling work with this much attention to detail.

my favorite is missed me! (first photo of this posting).
ink and graphite on paper, 12"x14" framed, $350.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

coming this week

mary joy scott at needles&pens
(view the slideshow or the set?)

amber room at the luggage store gallery
(view the slideshow or the set?)

Friday, October 13, 2006

white walls & shooting gallery

the third show i went to this past saturday i went to twice.

two days of painting at whitewalls/shootinggallery. the galleries were divided into artist's stations. the walls, or beams, or whatever around the artist's stations held some of the artist's other work. so it was live painting plus group show. they fit a lot of the artists they work with over the year into this kind of show.

at 4pm, there were lots of people. many like me, documenting (still, video). music. party atmosphere. loud. comfortable.

i saw artists working. i came back later.


shawn barber

kim cogan

richard colman

sam flores

sylvia ji

henry lewis

damon soule

at 10:30, most of the artists had left. i got to record the end results of day one. and fill in additional information, photograph more of the paintings on the walls.

i think this was a great idea for an open studio.

i put together a slideshow (reset the time to 2-3 seconds) and a set with a lot more artists, work, photos. it ran saturday and sunday (i hiked on sunday.)

fecal face blogged the show. they open with the postcard, which lists many of the artists.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

immediate future at sfac gallery

immediate future is the show for the 2006 murphy and cadogan "fine arts" fellowships. chosen from recent graduates from the local art and other colleges.

i like ryan pierce.

the full painting has nice color balance and nice detail work.

edmund wyss.

(his technical virtuosity reminds me of this coro painting, which i saw later saturday)

brice bischoff put together a 49 polaroid portrait called "disappeared (new orleans skyline)"

it lights up in person. i like polaroid constructions.

the postcard piece is a video by bessma khalaf titled "this land is my land."

i put together a 5-picture slideshow to give you the idea of the video.

there is a bunch more work in the show. this is a great chance to see who some folks think are the pick of the current crop of recent graduates with bachelor of arts degrees.

the show runs until october 28, 2006.
sfac gallery is at 401 van ness at mcallister
(across van ness from city hall)
they are open weds-sat 12-5. "always free."

my set includes a few more photos.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

vitche and giant at 5024

i went to three art shows on saturday.  the first was vitche and mike giant at 5024 in sf's lower haight.

vitche, from sao paulo, brazil, mainly contributed painted sculptures.
this show includes nicely rendered small painted works.

some more complex than others.
folk. whimsy. romatic for some with the use of hearts.
the show includes three large paintings on canvas.

mike giant also stepped up with strong work.

"the body as home."




collector's notes

this show is great. vitche is a peer of os gemeos and herbert. deitch brought os gemeos to the international art markets (armory, art basel). this post gives background on this group. lost art has photos of their work, and others. i have a good os gemeos set&slideshow.

the work runs from $300 to $2200. my pick is the girl with the green shirt ($300) and the puppet with the birds ($1800).


mike moved from san francisco back to albuquerque in the past year or two, has a popular, and entertaining, blog on fecal face.  mike is also highly sought after for tattoos. his line work is strong, confident.

his work was priced between $100 and $500. "mom" is "sharpie and pilot pen" for $500. "racer" is sharpie on wood for $200. "collision" is $150. this show has a variety of religious icons.


five birds. two men on bikes. if you like mike's work, this is a good show for collecting. my picks are shown above.

see the set or the slideshow?

info on the show is posted on fecal face.

check out vitche's suitcase stuffed with sculptures, from upper playground's blog.