Thursday, October 19, 2006

the amber room at luggage store gallery

on saturday i went to see the amber room at the luggage store.

the show included 4 artists.

wang wei (beijing) 's "untitled" piece was amazing.
made of scaffolding

it has the look and feel of a temple

liu ding (beijing) 's "forevermore"

words written with peepholes,
looking out onto market street at 6th

with many vantage points to engage the active viewer

shirley tse (la), "sinks like a submarine,"
polyurethane resin, brass, copper wire, jade, 2006

won ju lim (la), orange extension cord, plexiglass, mirrors, light 2006

it reminded me of an architectural model.

one component was the lighting and shadows. they built a room to house the piece. i didn't photograph it in the chosen lighting, wasn't equipped with a tripod.

i have to love the luggage store. this show was incredibly labor intensive. they had to bring "7000 lbs. or more of scaffolding up [and this week, down] the steps of the luggage store." they built a "temporary" room in the gallery to house one work. and, i appreciate it. it was a good show to see in person.

view the slideshow or the set?

and, i see a lot of artists at the luggage store checking out the exhibits. i got there between 4 and 4:30, the last hour of the exhibit. it's closed now, sorry. i had finished photographing. i was talking to jennifer. it was just the two of us. and then a large group of people showed up. lead by michael arcega. an international group of artists who were on a panel with him or something like that. jean-ulrick desert told me that his apartment costs $200. in berlin. seems like a good tip. nice fellow. and ricardo richey was returning a ladder he borrowed during the day, painting a new mural on turk at market.

great place. they have more info on the show here. their photos show the art more.

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