Wednesday, October 04, 2006

chris johanson and david huffman murals

i currently "work" in palo alto. this involves commuting on the lovely caltrain to california avenue in palo alto.

on my walk to work, i see this big chris johanson mural.

the mural is painted on a stucco wall between shops along an alley. it includes a sidebar with classic johanson philosophy:

good use of public art funds there in palo alto.

and, a few months back, david huffman painted an equivalent sized mural next to johanson's.

too wide angle for my camera.

the details include small men in space suits

interacting with the environment


i saw him paint it. in stages. early on, with the background and the color fields, it suggested kinship with the chris johanson.

my set for this blog has a few more photos.

these murals are best viewed life sized. in person. the light is good at noon, sun/shadow contrast at 4pm is less than optimal. the approximate address is 361 s california avenue, palo alto, ca. internet map?

david huffman has a show at patricia sweetow gallery through Oct. 14.

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Anonymous said...

there's a gouge in the cj mural, due to recent construction on street and building. six inches maybe, plus some cracks in the stucco.