Wednesday, October 18, 2006

mary joy scott at needles&pens

i went to see mary joy's scott's "stitch in time" at needles&pens on saturday.

the show includes a number of works on handkerchief
(pronunciation: 'ha[ng]-k&r-ch&f, hankerchifs (sp)).

andrew from needles&pens told me that handkerchiefs are used for drawings in prison (or something like that). the show also includes work on paper. and some paintings on the wall.

i am not a fan of skulls, even of the tattoo graphic variety. maybe this also fits with the prison experience.

this piece
reminds me somewhat of tiffany's owl painting from her recent blk/mrkt show. bad time to be a mouse with raptors around.

her attention to detail is impressive

view the photo slideshow or set?

or, go see the show at
3253 16th street (btwn guerrero&dolores in the mission)
"usually open" tues-sun 12pm-7pm
(the show runs through halloween)

open on sunday is nice. thanks needles&pens.

and, as petalum commented on my flickr, "let's hear it for needles and pens!!! always something good in there. breezy and andrew are working pretty hard to keep the mission district's art and culture scene alive, and interesting."

speaking of, they have a nice photo blog with info on the show. and, they have an online store. the pricing - from $100 to $675 - is great. more so for compelling work with this much attention to detail.

my favorite is missed me! (first photo of this posting).
ink and graphite on paper, 12"x14" framed, $350.

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