Sunday, October 29, 2006


i would not have predicted it. but unicorns keep popping up in my world.

last night at a party, one boy (a machinist) was dressed as one.

today, i stopped by grsf, where megan whitmarsh had a series of drawings from a unicorn zine.

later, in clarion alley, i saw this older 8 bit unicorn painting:

then, i saw this newer painting with unicorns:

4 different suppliers of unicorns in under 24 hours. scary.

earlier this year, i saw an andrew schoultz unicorn at giant robot sf's two year show.

seems like i also saw one at the shooting gallery's erotic show, maybe by anne faith nicholls?

i saw a sara thustra-ish poster of a unicorn, by sy, at needles and pens a while back, and learned that sy published those fucking unicorns.

and recently, jeff soto posted a new painting with unicorns.

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Steve MacDonald said...

You have to love unicorns!