Tuesday, October 10, 2006

kim cogan and joel dugan at 111 minna

last thursday i went to the opening of five painters at 111 minna.

i like kim cogan. i thought he really produced for his solo show at white walls earlier this year. kenneth baker from the chronicle glowed. so did michael leverton in sfweekly. good for kim (press coverage is coveted).

this show includes new work. "twilight"

"hibernia bank"

"9th avenue"

the work is pretty big. the above are priced reasonably, i think, at $1800, $4000, and $2000. would be hard for me to pick between twilight and 9th avenue.

the set includes three more of kim's paintings.

and some by joel dugan.

i appreciate his technical ability, color balance, emotional resonance. vegetarian me dislikes the subject matter.

who knows, maybe joel does too? is that his point?

see the set?

show info?

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