Monday, September 04, 2006

kilgallen and mcgee -- lacma parking garage (rip)


did you see the paintings by margaret kilgallen (rip) and barry mcgee in the lacma parking garage? originally painted as part of the "made in california" show (2000). destroyed in 12.05 with the parking garage they decorated. they could have been saved -- by the fucking art museum -- but were not. (lacma saved one of margaret's wood panels and took photos -- like me). according to tyler green's op-ed in the lat, hiring a concrete-cutting firm to cut as many works as could have been saved "would probably cost less than $100,000." given that barry's bigger pieces fetch more than 100k and that margaret's work is now irreplaceable, the museum should have found a solution.

i went to la and photographed the work (twice) before it was destroyed. i am generally happy with the photos, which are good evidence of how short-sighted the decision was to destroy this work.

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