Monday, September 04, 2006

pcp at gr-sf


pcp at grsf (through sept. 30, 2006)

pcp (heisuke kitazawa) reminds me of jordan crane . in a good way, like they could be artistic siblings. not in a bad way, like "this guy is biting jordan crane." complimentary. i like his work. generally what he is doing.

i like narrative work; fully-realized illustrations; i like the way he
dislodges the narrative image in some of the work with additional
layers (which also reminds me of kozyndan). his characters are alive.
you can read their body language. they elicit an emotional response.
they could be animation stills.

we talked with pcp. he was friendly and sweet.

i have been hesistant with purchasing digital art. in part, there is an inclination to focus on "original" work, which is often a better value. with so many talented artists producing original work (editions of 1), it is easy to exclude all prints. in some cases (e.g., giclees), digital work may simple be a poster or print of an original work. in other cases (e.g., photograph, silkscreens and the various print processes), the print is the end work. with pcp and others pushing the digital art boundaries, i see that the digital prints are not a copy of original work but original work created in small multiples -- using new tools the artist's toolbox.

pcp draws, scans, photoshops, prints, paints, scans, photoshops...
until he is happy with the final image. he then prints the image,
paints in the white and yellow (which do not print well), and paints
a layer of clear acrylic on top. he sells his work in edition of 5 and
i think is a reasonable value (e.g., the postcard piece above, and you know where to find me -- 12"x18", acrylic, digital print on wood, edition of 5, were priced at $500).

grsf posted the work.
pcp also has a website with lots of fun stuff: hypehopewonderland.

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Shanna said...

I'm not always on board with your artistic choices, but the pcp stuff is gorgeous. I'll show Aaron, too.

Nice to see art.