Monday, September 11, 2006

banksy news

so, we went down to la for tiffany bozic's opening at blk/mrkt. we had an extra hour after trying to take some copy shots of the mice egg installation on sunday (sweet, more on this later). and decided to look for some banksy.

good chance he was in town given his recent handicraft at disneyland. and, there is banksy's big show at a warehouse somewhere in la this coming up weekend. we heard there was work on melrose so we went looking.

first we found a new(?) banksy on melrose.

and two older rats: out of bed and dressed and advertising is yucky.

then, on the other side of the building with the new banksy (shown above), we saw shepard fairy putting up an obey over banksy.

see the slideshow.

i wouldn't want to go over banksy. but i think they are friends and maybe banksy is one of the other guys on the roof when shepard is doing this (i do not know what he looks like).

also spotted a bird looking for shoes or something.

and a clare rojas in culver city (next to some gallery or other).


Anonymous said...

Not to be a gossip but here it goes anyway... I herd it through the grapevine that Bansky attended Sheperd Fareys wedding (he just went with a mutual friend, and had not really met him yet). then when Shep made his toast and it was about how much money he makes, the heroic Bansky walked out in disbeleif. The end.

Anonymous said...

Well - i don't think there is too much of a beef between them. Shepard and Amanda and their baby were at Bansky's show preview tonight (along with Brad Pitt, Anbgelina Jolie, a chubby Keanu Reeeves, and an adult Asian elephant. wtf?)...

billy o'callaghan said...

jux linked to this posting.

supertouch posted the completed shepard piece.

billy o'callaghan said...

i saw the guy who was helping shepard in my photos. he is part of banksy's film crew. given that both banksy and shepard put up new pieces on oppocite sides of the same bldg, my guess is they were working together.

Anonymous said...

"then when Shep made his toast and it was about how much money he makes, the heroic Bansky walked out in disbeleif. The end."

Which one is still charging $30 for signed prints (amazingly) and
the other $500 for larger unsigned runs?

SleepyStoner99 said...

thats trippy... i seen the same exact bird mobile thing hanging from a phonewire in the middle of an intersection like 2 days ago...

wow power leveling said...
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