Friday, September 29, 2006

art show: donald urquhart at jack hanley sf

the third solo show we went to last saturday was donald urquhart's "no axe to grind."


true enough.

the press release says he is originally from scotland, gravitated to london's drag scene, and appears to be doing well with "his sardonic ink drawings[, which] graphically exhibit his gay counter cultural heritage parodying camp, hollywood artifice, aubrey beardsley with the drawl humor of an embittered queen."

sure. gay themed editorial cartoon illustration.

i like the fault line tattoo here:

the leather daddy, in drag, with flowers, was well timed for the folsom street fair (as was the chaps-wearing, nipple-elongated, daddy straddling the fault).

the show has local humor:

gets comical-political:

invokes charlie brown.

this is art forum's only current pick for san francisco. new york has 10 picks, la and london 5 each, paris and zurich 4 each. whatever.

the review asserts that the "tart series of black-ink drawings are rooted in retro visions of the city’s queer history and acknowledge its lifestyle mood swings with sardonic wit. with a visual aesthetic that comes off as a mash-up of aubrey beardsley’s monochromatic graphic excess, “candyass” cary leibowitz’s lowercase phrasings, and rufus wainwright’s winking camp....a thematic thread of dreams gone theatrically awry is at the core of urquhart’s vision,...the artist grandly acknowledges the distracting entertainment value of bitchy self-loathing yet never underestimates its pathos."


most of the work - back ink drawings around 16x20 (i made no notes, sorry) - was $2700. good for donald.

the show closes on saturday (9.30).

see the set?

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