Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yoon Lee

diversion (sm detail).jpg
@ pierogi 2000 in brooklyn
march 14 - april 14, 2008

Yoon Lee creates very dense, layered, thickly textured, candy-coated, kinetically dynamic, abstract urban landscapes on huge pvc panels. the above photo shows details from one her smaller paintings, "Diversion," at 4x8 feet:
diversion (sm).jpg

this show also includes the monumental "JFK" which, at 7x20 feet, took 5-6 months to complete:
jfk (sm).jpg
at that size, the painting engulfs the viewer and it feels like you can enter the landscape (here Yoon offers some evidence of the scale of this painting)
jfk (sm yoon).jpg
the details are incredibly dynamic:
jfk (sm detail1).jpg
jfk (sm detail2).jpg

this show also features the 4x12 foot "Sweeping Through":
sweeping through (sm).jpg
sweeping through (sm detail).jpg

and the 8x4 foot "Untitled," her second major vertical painting:
untitled (sm).jpg
untitled (sm detail1).jpg

flavorpill noted that Yoon shares an "interest in exploding topography and the bustling life of architecture with Julie Mehretu, but where the latter employs a t-square, Lee stands ready with a bucket of paint." both create dynamic paintings which push movement and toy with perspectival planes, but their work ends up in very different places.

this is yet another art show that is best viewed in person (Yoon spent approximately 12 months working on the 4 paintings in this show, her new york debut). if you are fortunate enough to be in williamsburg before april 14, check it out at 177 north 9th street brooklyn, ny (open fri - mon).

i have a few more photos in my slideshow. and, check out the photos from her 2006 Luggage Store show here.

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