Tuesday, March 04, 2008

last chance: packard jennings

@ Catherine Clark
january 19 - march 9, 2008

Packard Jennings created an anarchist action figure, complete with a flaming molotov
bolt cutters
and helpful box graphics

he snuck them into big box stores in the bay area in december 2007 and filmed the results as he tried to buy one. the nytimes covered it in a story on shop dropping. a local tv news program also covered it. (press fuels art careers.) packard's video can be seen here (and at the gallery).

the show also features work from Wish You Were Here! Postcards From Our Awesome Future. Packard and Steve Lambert "asked Bay Area architects, city planners and transportation engineers, 'What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about budgets, bureaucracy, politics, or physics?' Ideas from these conversations were then merged, developed and perhaps mildly exaggerated by the artists to create six imaginative poster designs for exhibition in the Market Street kiosks."
part of San Francisco Arts Commission's Public Art Program, the posters appear in triangle kiosks on market street (btwn van ness and embarcadero) from november 12,2007 to march 13, 2008.

and, the show has a creative dissent work station
where you are invited to take this sign
out for fun and photographic excellence. you can also create your own newspaper headlines and paste them in newsboxes. or, perhaps, add a warning label to a bible. then post the results in the gallery.

Packard has templates for many of his projects on his website. check it out. and, if possible, stop by the gallery this weekend to see the work in person and have some fun before the show closes.

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