Tuesday, October 09, 2007

last chance: don't try this at home

@ intersection for the arts
446 Valencia Street (btwn 15th and 16th), san francisco, ca
September 17 - October 13, 2007
featuring Lauren Davies, Tamara Albaitis, Krishna Khalsa, Stephani Martinez & Zachary Royer Scholz

tip: this show is closing soon. check it out if you can.

Lauren Davies' sculptures are meticulous ("anatomically correct scaled versions of West Highland White Terriers"), down to the hair, which was shed by their real life counterparts, her dogs.

she also has sculpted lintballs with lint collected from "family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances." nice reuse.

the show is subtitled "A Group Exhibition Obsessively Reshaping The Ordinary"

Tamara Albaitis produced a series of sound sculptures, including a laughing trash can

and a group of coughing speaker balls

Krishna Khalsa created biomorphic wood sculptures

doily cakes (plaster & doilies) by Stephani Martinez

i have a few more photos in my set/slideshow


Anonymous said...

Posting stuff on 4 artists in a 5 artist show is pretty bitchy. Do you have a vendetta with the one you snubbed?

billy o'callaghan said...

hey anonymous --

no vendetta or intent to be bitchy.

when i go to art shows for blogging, i photograph work that i am responding to at the time. with art blogging, i am promoting (ever so slightly) art that i like by sharing it with others on the web and encouraging people to check out the shows in person if possible.

if i don't understand or get particular work (maybe because i didn't spend sufficent time to understand it, maybe because it does not appeal to my personal tastes), i didn't photograph it and i don't blog about it. it is a little bit like curating in that i select what i want to cover/promote.

i am not bitchy about it. i don't denigrate artists or their art in my blogging. i don't have the cultural capital to "snub" anyone. i am sorry if someone was hurt by this.

in this case, getting curated into that five person show at intersection for the arts is orders of magnitude more significant than any omission in this art blog. i congratulate all of the artists in the show and wish them future success.


Anonymous said...

I dont think your art is bitchy but i do think somne of it is weird!!! Im an artist too, I dance art through ballet oh and i draw!!!! So i think you should keep going with that and dont listen to what crool people say!!!!!! Thanks for reading
~anoymous :)