Tuesday, May 15, 2007

fan fan

i got evah fan's 3d bermuda pantaloon zine in the mail today.

costs $5 on her site and boy is it cool. first, i like the photocopy zine concept. (a) they are relatively cheap and easy to make, meaning more artists can publish their work without significant expense. (b) they are an inexpensive way for fan fans to take home art. second, i like this particular zine because it pushes the medium into sculpture. somewhat reminescent of the folded paper fortune game, you find evah's illustrations in the different tents. fun fun.

also, Evah's show performance art opens this weekend (may 19) at sixspace in los angeles.
evah cooler.jpg

evah's work, like that of a lot of her peers, is influenced by comic book illustrations and cartoon narratives. but evah's work stands out from the rest of the pack for a number of reasons. one is that evah's work is funny in both ways (haha and strange). this thread runs through her titles and choice of subject matter. another is that evah's work is recognizable: with tight illustrations, repeat characters, a limited color palatte, and consistent use of compositional elements like negative space. and, while i see a lot of artists crowding around a small number of visual styles and subjects, it looks like evah is currently free of copycats.

evah's show runs May 19 - June 16, 2007 at sixspace in culver city. check it out. and the zine. look at more of evah's work here

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