Friday, February 02, 2007


i posted a four part travel log on my recent trip to the big island of hawaii on proper's observations.

part 1 covers days 1-3, which included a hike into waipio valley (and wild horse feeding), life-sized polaroids, hilo's farmer's market, and waterfalls and rain forests.
07jan09e (waipio valley).jpg

part 2 covers days 4-5, with visits to another waterfall, the hawaii tropical botanical garden, volcano tree monument, and our first hike across the caldera floor in volcano national park and our travel around the perimeter of the caldera.

part 3 covers days 6-7, which included a hike at dusk to active lava flow (with a slideshow) and another hike across the caldera floor (this time with the polaroid sampler). we also saw sea turtles and some cool birds.
07jan14d (vnp).jpg

and part 4 covers days 8-10, which includes a visit to puuhonua o honaunau national historical park, the peak of mauna kea (the tallest volcano on the island), and whale watching.

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