Tuesday, January 23, 2007

life sized polaroids (hawaii)

07jan14d (vnp).jpg
uluhe fern shoot, volcano national park, hawaii.

07jan10c (akaka falls).jpg

i took a series of polaroid samples on my recent trip to hawaii. the image on the polaroid is the same size as the item photographed (so that if i want to photograph something bigger than a polaroid, i have to create a polaroid construction).

the series includes polaroids taken on the caldera floor of kilauea volcano, which is an active volcano.
07jan14i (vnp kilauea caldera floor).jpg
07jan14m (vnp kilauea caldera floor).jpg
07jan14k (vnp kilauea caldera floor).jpg
i am finding myself more compelled by the life-sized photos -- which do a better job at showing, for example, the plant life making inroads on the caldera floor. it also seems somehow truer to me.
07jan14l (vnp kilauea caldera floor).jpg

view the full 41 photo slideshow.

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